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Amando Campbell is a professional personal trainer, also a former athlete. His training emphasis is focused on functional training aimed to make the body function at its optimum.

What I Can Do For You

If you’re looking to lose more fat, get in better shape or eat healthier, Amando can help you get into the shape of your life not only physically but mentally. His services include cardio training, flexibility building, strength training and fat burning.

Lose Fat & Improve

Cardio Training

Lose more fat and get in better shape

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Improve Mobility

Flexibility Training

"Static" stretching for your workouts

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Lose Fat & Build Muscle

Strength Training

All the benefits, limiting the risks

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Get Lean & Ripped

Fat-Burning Workouts

Burn as much fat as possible

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Success Stories

Jodie Schuyler

I have never met someone so empathetic in a professional role in my life and will always have higher standards for fitness professionals because of him and our journey thus far. I was lucky enough to have him stand in support with me to face so many of my fears and to leave the old me behind. Together I have lost 40 something pounds and shed so much of a broken girl that didn’t have any faith in herself. Amando has been the driving force behind my life changing fitness journey and I could never give him less credit than he deserves; he is the reason I am who I am now and I could never thank him enough.
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Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal.
Mike Ditka