About Amando Campbell

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The Story

His training emphasis is focused on functional training aimed to make the body function at its optimum. “Functional training uses plyometric exercises, bands, balls, free weights and specialty design machines in an attempt to condition the body. Performing exercises that mimic activities or specific skills is the most effective way to train, regardless of ones goal.”

He prefers to keep an open mind knowing always learning new things so that he can bring fresh ideas/challenges to his clients so that their routine is constantly being reshaped. Taking his experience from the demanding and more often challenging aspect of professional competitions. He uses his expertise to tailor individual workout plans for each client regardless of his or her fitness levels.


Amando also helps his clients reach their goals in a safe and progressive manner. He enjoys building lasting relationships with his clients and is very consistent in providing them with the best service possible to enhance every workout session. He sees his role as a motivator and tries to inspire his clients to be more empowered so the changes they make in the studio transfer into permanent life changes.

Amando believes that one should be more proactive in making sure they are more accountable for the choices they make in life.

The Art of Sculpting is all about you.

What is AOS?

The Art of Sculpting is about working out for real life, for health and happiness.

It’s functional training that helps you operate better and feel better every day.

It’s healthy training that helps you benefit from the relationship between good eating and exercise.

It’s happiness training, that helps you get more joy out of each minute, based on the idea that there are 1,440 minutes in every day, and if you use 30 of them for physical activity, the other 1,410 feel better.

The Art of Sculpting is essentially about helping you make small choices that add up to big, realistic results.

Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is aimless. Vision with action will achieve.
Author Unknown