Barefoot And Focus

Our Mission

To donate school supplies to kids in poor communities in Jamaica to enable them to achieve lasting change in their lives by supporting their educational success.



Annual Treat on August 23rd 2014

Barefoot and focus is excited for its annual Treat on August 23rd 2014 in the Hope Flat community in Kingston Jamaica.

Thanks to all my family, friends and clients for their tremendous support and for helping us reach this years goal of providing school supplies to 150 children.

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The Jamaican population is made up of 37% children, yet one in every two Jamaican children lives in poverty. Barefoot And Focus is a non-profit organization that supports elementary school aged children in the inner city communities on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica.

Our vision is to help them realize their true academic potential. It is our belief that education is essential in ending the cycle of poverty.

The core of the organization focuses on each child cultivating the following:

(1) Academic success, through mastery of basic skills such as reading, writing and math. (2) Effective mentoring with positive adult role models in a structured mentoring system. (3) Expanding world views by facilitating workshops through the use of the internet and expertise of global educators. (4) Improving rate of attendance in school.

Each child will be given the tools to achieve academic success through a support system comprised of:

Volunteers: Barefoot And Focus will pair each child with a Big Brother or Sister that reflects the child’s interests. This method allows each child, to find a connection through real life experiences and allow them to have a vision of their own future. Each volunteer will provide invaluable treasures to a child through the gift of friendship, encouragement, and academic support.

Educators: The primary contributions of volunteer educators who bring passion expertise to Barefoot And Focus are committed to our mission of teaching, skills, academically engaging, safe and challenging environment for the children.

Empowered Parents: Barefoot And Focus will provide resources for the children’s, parents or guardians to consistently uphold the value of education by offering on site support, so that academic expectations are maintained at home allowing for consistency and success.

The Benefits of Barefoot And Focus

Educated children will grow up into educated adults and will be able to help their families and communities; Strengthening schools, families and communities; Provide a safe haven for at risk youth.

Every child has a spark and a curiosity. With proper support we can ignite that spark to become even brighter within through academic excellence and opportunities.Barefoot And Focus will provide substantial academic advancements to the future of Jamaica through these children. Our not for profit organization will change the trajectory of these children’s lives. With the generous donations of individuals in Toronto, 86 children where provided with school supplies in the Kingston community of Hope Flat.

We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your consideration.

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Mr. Amando J. Campbell
Non-profit Founder of Barefoot And Focus
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 1-647-832-5708
Email: amando13hill[at]

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