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If you’re looking to lose more fat, get in better shape or eat healthier, Amando can help you get into the shape of your life not only physically but mentally. His services include cardio training, flexibility building, strength training and fat burning.

Cardio Training Tips To Lose Fat & Improve Endurance

If you are looking for some great tips on cardio training to help you lose more fat and get in better shape, you’ve come to the right place. There are primarily two types of cardio training; (1) steady state, or endurance training, (2) and high intensity interval training, also called HIIT. At Aos, we recommend emphasizing HIIT cardio training because you can lose more fat and improve your endurance with far less time invested. The articles in this cardio training section will help you gain a solid understanding of cardio training techniques and guidelines.

Flexibility Tips To Improve Mobility

Flexibility is defined as the range of motion around a joint in your body. At Aos, we recommend improving your flexibility by “static” stretching during and after your workouts. Static stretching is the type of stretching where you are stationary as you stretch your muscle. As a warm up, we recommend dynamic stretching, which is an active form of stretching to help prepare your body for a workout. In addition to stretching, improving the quality of your “soft tissues” like muscle and fascia can improve your range of motion and flexibility considerably. Read on for articles and tips to help you improve your flexibility.

Strength Training Tips To Lose Fat & Build Muscle

Strength training offers numerous benefits including: helping to build muscle, increasing bone density, keeping your muscle while trying to lose fat, and increasing your metabolism. While strength training offers many benefits, it causes significant confusion and can cause serious injury when exercises are not completed properly This strength training section offers you tons of great strength training tips so you can enjoy all the benefits while limiting the risks involved. Our preferred strength training method is “strength circuits,” which are circuits of strength training exercises so you benefit from both strength and cardiovascular benefits efficiently.

Fat-Burning Workouts To Get Lean & Ripped

If you are looking for fat-burning workouts, to help burn as much fat as possible, as efficiently as possible, you are in luck. This workout section has workouts, exercises, and workout tips. Not all workouts are created equal: we focus on strength training workouts that use strength circuits and high intensity interval training workouts. These types of workouts are incredibly efficient at helping you lose fat to get lean.

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