Cindy Secord

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Training with Amando Campbell at Rainford Fitness has been a family affair. It began with our daughter, at the age of 13, going to Amando for speed and agility training to strengthen her position on her competitive soccer team. As one of his younger clients, Amando was sensitive to her age and body limitations and twice a week developed creative and challenging programs that made a noticeable difference to her speed on the soccer field. Our son, committed to playing college lacrosse, followed with a focus on weight training to develop power, strength and size. Recognizing his athleticism, and knowing that he would be playing his sport at a high level, Amando created a unique and aggressive training program to suit his goals. Dad, a busy executive, was next with the goal of trimming a few midsection inches.

Amando focused on a mix of cardio and weights. Mom was the last to join, with strength and endurance training once a week to supplement her running as she trained for a half marathon. She arrived with a calf injury, that Amando monitored throughout workouts and with his knowledge and expertise developed an adaptable program. The run is over, but weekly training with Amando continues.

cindy secord

We would highly recommend Amando as a trainer. He has the knowledge and expertise to develop a unique program based on an individual’s age, goals and schedule. Amando’s workout are always challenging. There are days when the word “joy” does not come to mind during his workout, however, he is always upbeat and positive and he pushes you to be your best. Amando sets a admirable example for his clients with his own exercise, wellness and lifestyle choices

If you believe in yourself, have dedication and pride and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high, but so are the rewards.
Paul “Bear” Bryant