Jodie Schuyler

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The Story

The first time I met Amando, I was at my most uncomfortable stage of my life to date. My weight was higher than I was ever able to picture myself being and my self-esteem and motivation were at an all-time low. Everything to follow that day was nothing short of a perfect partnership in meeting my goals and pushing me to a comfort I never imagined I would have again.

Amando met me when I felt broken and wasn’t sure where to go from where I was; but I knew I couldn’t stay where I was at. I decided to seek out someone to help me get my weight under control to see if that could change me and help me start to change myself.




Since day one I have felt not only that I have been empowered and educated but motivated and comforted as well. Every workout was challenging and every question I ever had was answered;

With each session I was developing faith in myself to one day be doing these things on my own, to be motivated enough to set foot in a gym alone. Although, I can admit that not every day was easy but I had someone to get me through it (someone very accessible I might add) and step by step I saw the old me fading away to a stronger version.

These words will never do Amando justice, to the man I have been lucky enough to not only call my Trainer but now has become someone I am honoured to know and call my friend. He has been there whenever needed in fitness but also was so in tune with my emotional states that I could never walk in to see him without him knowing where my head was. My requests were tailored, my injuries looked after and workouts altered when needed. Every goal we set in the beginning was surpassed and I was constantly shown that I can be better, be stronger, be happier.


I have never met someone so empathetic in a professional role in my life and will always have higher standards for fitness professionals because of him and our journey thus far. I was lucky enough to have him stand in support with me to face so many of my fears and to leave the old me behind. Together I have lost 40 something pounds and shed so much of a broken girl that didn’t have any faith in herself. Amando has been the driving force behind my life changing fitness journey and I could never give him less credit than he deserves; he is the reason I am who I am now and I could never thank him enough for seeing in me what I couldn’t that first day.

The words don’t do you justice, thank you for every moment you have given me to date and any time I get with you in the future. I hope your family is half as proud of the person you are as I am.

The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence.
Vince Lombardi