Terry Chung

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I had just turned 37, a husband and father of 2 young toddlers, and a busy working professional. I found myself constantly scrambling to find enough time in the day. My physical health invariably often took a back seat to everything else in my life.

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I was once active, athletic, and revelled in pushing my physical limits. Now my life had quickly transformed into a predictable cycle of work and family. Definitely a more sedentary lifestyle.

I had tried a variety of fitness regimens in my 30s including working out on my own, group fitness classes, yoga, pilates, personal training, running clinics, and mixed martial arts. Although I found many of these activities engaging on a short term basis, nothing seemed to really resonate with what I was seeking.


Then I met Amando. And everything changed.

Amando is truly a master of his art. His energy and passion are palpable every time we meet. He possesses an uncanny ability to carefully craft each workout to be fun and unique – a refreshing change to the many other fitness activities I had tried. My only job with Amando is simply to bring it! Something I find easy to do with this style of training.

Under Amando, I have generated results very efficiently, but more importantly, I have fun embracing each of his fitness challenges. It has been northing short of awesome!

Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal.
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