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Amando is truly a master of his art. His energy and passion are palpable every time we meet.

It’s always been my honor to help shape lives both physically and spiritially. No matter the change in your life I carefully craft every workout, diet and plan that’s not only fulfilling and results oriented but fun as well. Check out and read just some of the lives that have been touched by the art of sculpting.

Cindy Secord

Training with Amando Campbell at Rainford Fitness has been a family affair. It began with our daughter, at the age of 13, going to Amando for speed and agility training to strengthen her position on her competitive soccer team.

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Terry Chung

I had just turned 37, a husband and father of 2 young toddlers, and a busy working professional. I found myself constantly scrambling to find enough time in the day. My physical health invariably often took a back seat to everything else in my life.

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Arnan Goldenberg

I have been working out with Amando since July 2012. When I first met Amando I weighed 270 pounds and had just started a new fitness and nutrition regime. Today, I weigh 204 pounds, never felt better and turned my life around in a big way.

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Tom Torokvei

Signing up for training with Amando is one of the smartest choices I’ve made in the last couple of years. When I started I was a lazy, 230lb couch potato with 30% body fat and embarrassingly weak. The first fitness assessment was a real wake-up call for me on just how out-of-shape I actually was. Amando assured me that with time, and lots of hard work, we’d reach my goals of trimming fat and increasing muscle mass.

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Jodie Schuyler

I have never met someone so empathetic in a professional role in my life and will always have higher standards for fitness professionals because of him and our journey thus far. I was lucky enough to have him stand in support with me to face so many of my fears and to leave the old me behind. Together I have lost 40 something pounds and shed so much of a broken girl that didn’t have any faith in herself. Amando has been the driving force behind my life changing fitness journey and I could never give him less credit than he deserves; he is the reason I am who I am now and I could never thank him enough.

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Maria Pappas

I was in search of a work-out regimen that I would stay committed to in order to look my absolute best at the age of 50. For the last 12 months, I have worked with Amando, or rather he has worked on me, not only has created a personalized routine for me, but his encouragement, praise and humor create an atmosphere that motivates you to push yourself to the maximum. I feel strong and fierce…thank you Amando.

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Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal.
Mike Ditka